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Thank you & bye!

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Heh, after 10 years I thought about UO memories, the Steamroller mission (the only one I ever created and released) and the good times here, zedic, azzwort, merlo, militant & loads of names I forgot, all the good people here.

I wanted to pop in here, was amazed I still remembered my old password, saw that the site was about to be closed and wanted to say:

Thanks for a shit ton of good gaming nights, all the lessons, the trainings and the great community in general. I was here from the very beginning when UO split from TG and became the ACRE-Community, amazing back in the day! I really loved playing with radios and communicating with everyone during gameplay. It was a really exciting experience for the young me. :)

Thaaaanks guys and have a great time whatever you do! 

PS: Please investigate Bitcoin. This central bank money printing party is not good for anyone and we are about to crack it's last 2017 all time high, which means everyone and their mothers will say "wtf it was not a bubble?!". Heck, billionaires and hedge fund managers like bitcoin, so wtf. I wish you the best so I wanted to leave this PS here as well.

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