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Max (Hammer 5)

Arma 3 - Large Scale TVT Event at AFI [2020-02-08] 1630Z

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February, Saturday 8th, 2020


UO Participants on UO Teamspeak to Check in 1630z

Join server 1645Z

Slotting: 1705Z

Briefing 1715Z

Game start 1730Z


AFI ARMA3 event server/ TS server


Russian versus CDF battle in Virolahti terrain in two TVT missions. Outcome of the first leads to the second mission.

In the first mission 80 AFI players attack against 60 internationals. Both sides are infantry based with russian MBT support.

In second mission either internationals try to re-take the same area or push AFI to the sea. (Air support in both missions for internationals).


Map: Virolahti

Main mods: ACE3, TFAR, RHS(all)

Player count: max ~150

Medical system

Use A-medical enhanced by ADV - Splint mod. Wound reopening is disabled so always use elastic bandage to treat wounds. Splints heal any limb damage. Splints are usable by everyone. AFI hasn't changed yet to the updated medical.

Space will be extremely limited. If you wish to participate please reply below. 

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Current Roster:










Any further sign-ups will be waitlisted. 

Mission Details & Briefing found here:


I will create a discord channel for those who are on the roster. We will be receiving a CO briefing prior to event day.

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