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Ban - Nomad

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Player: Nomad

A3 PID: 10926eec29f2ff23270ebe1bd9cb9933

TS3 ID: lfoCpfDAHKfOlFManJwnXKH3pYs=

Length: 1 Month

Reason: 1/3/6 Month = Major Disruptions, as above but done in an aggressive or intentional manner w/o regard to playerbase or community.

  • Repeat behavior of Major Disruption
  • Intentional Game Disruption
  • Constant Backtalking
  • Asset Theft - Stealing Vehicles of other Squads/Members/Roles
  • Willful Refusal to follow ingame orders or commands by users in positions outranking, or with situational control above users in question.
  • Disruptive plans for missions or actions which serve place in no Tactical or Cooperative manner. Intent to Disrupt Gameplay.

Processor: James


User took SL, dropped his radio, dismissed orders by both CO and GM to keep it, backtalking to the GM investigating what was wrong, then lied and try to say he was just a rifleman, despite loudout index showing otherwise.

User also disrupted gameplay with two TK's and dismissed advice from a regular regarding his behaviour : 


After getting a AT asset to the front, Nomad told the player to hand his AT over. Once Nomad had possession of the LAW, he proceeded to dick around, and fubar the shot, killing two players. Proceeded to pick up an AR, and run over to me to get the plt moving again. After acknowledging his follow-on orders, I told him that he needs to stop, listen, and cease acting in the manor which he was. He cut me off, disregarded my statements, and ran off.

Before both of those, user also dismissed warnings to reign in his behaviour by another regular: 


Nomad was being stupidly trolly in a mission losing his gear and when confronted with being banned for being stupid he just sarcastically pushed it off
saying "oh no i might get banned oooo 1.1 so scary"

Link to detailed review post: https://unitedoperations.net/forums/index.php?/topic/28671-nomad/&do=findComment&comment=337957


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