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Hello again!

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Well Hello again all the great people at UO. I doubt anyone remembers me as I'm not really a noticeable fellow, but, I was about these streets many years ago between 2010 and 2014-ish... then I moved, spent some time in the place called "the outside"(sp?!?) and decided to focus on my career as a pilot.. I had been playing a lot of DCS/BMS & Squad in the past few years and mind always came back to the glorious WAC Wednesdays and killing a few hours of walking simulator with some top bantz so I decided to chcek back in. Tried to join the server a few times and kept getting disconnected with mod errors and all sorts... so gave up and went back to squad.

I was watching some of Krauses BMS content and just decided to give it one more go, download everything and join in, as expected, worked 1st time, connected to the server, died 17 times and lol'd all night. By myself. Christ only know what I managed to foul up the last time I tried!

Anyway, here I am, just checking in to say hello to all, good to see some old faces still about and hope to have some fun with the rest!



p.s. I am still an annoying beast with an RPG!

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