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Add AC 337 as a Regular  

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  1. 1. Add AC 337 as a Regular

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Hi all,

I would like to nominate AC for regular.

Most of us know him, but for the sake of filling out the reg poll:

He has been active at this community for several years. He has made several missions for ArmA in the past and is a very competent player who is always willing to share his knowledge with new users.

He had a brief break when he was deployed to Iraq a while back, but since he has been back he has been active within the community and has been a net positive influence to the community.

He has donated for a while now and I believe he deserves a say in the community.

Vote yes for AC!

This poll was put up at Regular Request

This poll requires a 2/3 vote lasting 1 week.

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Yes (assuming that's what AC wants). Changed to NO (AC's desire).

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AC's desires. :)

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As acting CO I've granted AC 337 permission to speak.


"It's my regular poll and can't comment, 10/10 gaming community.

I reserve the right to play on the server, don't try to stop me with this.

I love the ability to bail out on this community whenever I want.

The Spanish Inquisition is real, if it's me today it could be you tomorrow.

I've got no desire to join the ranks of regular, there is nothing there in it for me." - AC 337 The realest shooter in this motherfucking joint. 

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Ok so AC is not a donating memeber at this time and can not participate in his poll.  And through the voice of Soviet is rejecting this poll.  Can they people who put up these polls at least check if the person want to be a regular first?  Voting no, respecting AC's wishes.


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Based on AC337's unwillingness to become a regular (and the fact that this poll was put up without his consent), I am voting no.

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If AC truly does not want Regularship , why is this vote still on? 

Voted no, since he is unwilling.

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