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UOAF BMS Session 388 - Saturday [2019-06-08] 1800z

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UOAF BMS Session 388 - Saturday [2019-06-08, 1800z]

 THEATER: BMS 4.34 Korea

Package Q Redux

Everything you loved about Package Q minus the bad weather, but this time with even more high tech S* equipment.


-Our task is to fly all the way to Russia and Strike one of the two remaining S* airbases.  There are 2 SA-10's within range of the airbase which will need to be suppressed in order for the OCA to go in.  The city to the West of the airbase is infested with low altitude systems and will be an exclusion zone.  To support us there are three tankers: TEXACO 1 | TEXACO 2 | COPPER 1 ; that will provide refueling support and their HAVCAP's will act as A/A support.





Forecast Imagery: 6 hr (2300-0500L) key:  ["fair"]  ["poor"]


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Bloody tankers seems to be endlessy turning in 4.34 - both in TE and when I tried in a Campaign

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I still think AAR at night with our experience is going to really mess timings up so I guess definately avoid on Ingress


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Switching to Out as  I have done the AAR training 8 times. Turbulence is more pronounced in 4.34. 2 of the 8 TEs the tanker turned when connected without warning. No warning when coming out of turn. I can connect in level, and usually stay connected in turn. Just too sketchy to consider flying Sat so out for this one.

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