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Add MasterBlaster as a Regular  

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Hi all,

I wish to renominate Masterblaster for regular. Masterblaster was previously a regular, voted back in February 2017, for a brief period before he had an unexpected LOA due to IRL circumstances. 

He is a longstanding member of the community, having joined in 2012, and is very much invested in it. He has been back for several months now, and is quite active within ArmA. He contributes to the server by creating missions, as well as often being very welcoming to new players, and assisting them when necessary. He is a committed player who doesn’t fail to maintain a positive outlook and attitude on the server.

I think he deserves to have a say in the community, and should be rewarded for his contributions and solid commitment to the community with regularship. 

TL;DR: In the famous words of Mark Interiis: Plays the game, not a retard.

Vote yes for Masterblaster.

This poll was put up at Regular Request

This poll requires a 2/3 vote lasting 1 week.

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If I could vote (which I cannot currently): Yes.

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Aye. He will make a fine addition to this band of rough warriors.

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