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UOAF BMS Session 382 - Saturday [2019-04-27] 1800z

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UOAF BMS Session 382 - Saturday [2019-04-27, 1800z]

 THEATER: BMS 4.34 Korea


OCA Strike - Sokcho



It is the opening days of the war against Russia after they annexed the eastern portion of South Korea. The Russians have deployed a dense IADS network, has a large contingent of fighters and bombers, and a strong naval presence. Spetznaz are infiltrating the ROK in advance of an expected combined arms push to conquer the whole country. It is a grim time for UOAF.


  • Hawkeye1 will perform an NOE loft attack with JDAMs on Sokcho airbase.
  • Plasma1 will provide close escort for Hawkeye1.
  • Warhawk1 will conduct SEAD operations and act as reserve CAP/escort.
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