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IRL fuzing is never changed in the jet except for JDAMS with the FMU-152 Joint Programmable Fuze. For Mk 82's expect a 4 second nose fuze and a 6 second tail fuze.


For CBU's always program S E 5 in the inventory screen. That's what we do IRL. Because 87/103's are ineffective, always use 97/105's and you will kill things as you would have with an 87.


The biggest take away for fuzing is the Mk82 AIR. It's my go to in the hawg for dumb bombs because with proper fuzing and profile management I can drop it either high or low drag. Select Pilot Option 1. If you google the A-10-34 it will show you how the fuzes work and how to configure them. I don't have time to post what to set but we have a Battle Book that has all of this stuff in it.



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