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Ban - TheLocalPub

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Player: TheLocalPub

A3 PID: 76561198018806047 

TS3 ID: 3qpnIBWMeYmcyjmntWJzG7hU6A4=

Length: Permanent


4.1.2 - Posting of mass murder livestream in discord.

Processor: VPope


User has also been warned in the past for involvement in creating a school shooter mission: https://unitedoperations.net/forums/index.php?/topic/29232-thelocalpub/&do=findComment&comment=336487, over which the user failed to admit wrongdoing and became argumentative. 

User has also been warned in the past for posting inappropriate content in discord: https://unitedoperations.net/forums/index.php?/topic/29232-thelocalpub/&do=findComment&comment=336594



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Might as well make my statement tho it won't matter. 

In regards to what I posted on discord earlier. No shock value or malicious intent was mean't.  The reason for posting was so if a user wanted to be informed or was curious as to the build up of said event then they could make their own decision to watch. 

The links posted were clearly labelled as to prevent click bait. If a user was to then go and click on the links, then they would be doing so with full knowledge of what they were about to view. 

Another users previous to me had been posting various other liveleak videos which show humanly harm in other situations but they were permitted. Understandably this situation involved inoccents, non the less, they were permitted. 



In regards to the mission that I made which some individuals took offence to seeing as the points I made when question have clearly being ignored and a false fact has been issued instead.

I disbanded and deleted said mission over a month prior to when it came to mainstream light the mission had been made, I had no involvement in continued development or "testing" when X users were constantly on the test server using it as a server to frequently play the mission. 

Matter afact the user who frequently held sessions playing it and uploaded it often was a Regular, while also a handful of regulars, donators, and notable users in the community played it just as often.

When it came to mainstream light and someone reported it, i had no problem with clesrly and openly admitting I originally made it as a form of testing Amature code, while yes having a controversial theme. I was never rude, withheld the truth or attempted to frame others. What I never took responsibility for was the constant uploading, playing, and continued development of the mission for the simple fact that I had nothing to do with it. 

So to claim I never claimed any wrong doing and was arugmentive is a blatant lie. And as for the user who participate, none saw a warning or even a speaking to apart from one. 



And finally the posting of inappropriate content previously was just an honest mistake. Shouldn't have happened but it wasn't that serious and I apologise at the time.




If a ban comes of this then it'll be sad to go as I thoroughly enjoy UO and the community it has birthed. 

I apologise if someone has found offense to my recent discord post but as stated above, no bad intent was behind it. 


Anyways, have a good day???


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