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Arma 3 - Operation Honey Hands at AFI [2019-03-23] 1700

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UO will be participating in AFI's next event on their server.
This is a 150 player TVT event, across two missions, with several communities participating.

In the first mission, Russian motorized VMF forces with attached airwing attack a town held by an insurgent company with mechanized and air defense assets.

In the second mission, an insurgent infantry company attacks a Russian VMF infantry company

WHEN: [2019-03-23] 1900Z

WHERE: AFI Arma Server / AFI Teamspeak Server

HOW TO SIGN UP: Complete this form, https://goo.gl/forms/2bQXKnTsEVLrpry73, and post in this thread that you have done so

Mods: The event mod set will be distributed by AFIsync, instructions on how to set his up can be found here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dE6j346cy17LnnodrO4Ifc4-WcvgGtSy3T2rR1dJHIw



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Filled, btw no platoon leader for me. I am old man like weapon x now. I can't figure out Tfar, it is strange and scares me and I don't want to have to change.

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32 minutes ago, Android said:

@Kingslayer The event post may have the "when" incorrect. The AFI doc puts the event start at 1800Z.

Following communication with AFI, they have said they will begin slotting at 1730zulu. Further we will gather a half hour early to make sure everyone has their mods set up correctly.

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