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United Operations Framework 1.0.4 Testing

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The United Operations Framework Team is in need of your assistance!

The UO Framework has been in development for quite a while, but we've just reached a new milestone, version 1.0.4 (Dev).

Please subscribe to the UO Test Pack so you can have the most recent changes to the framework!

We're looking for feedback, feature requests and bug reports. To file an issue report please visit our Github page where you can file an issue report. If you're not so inclined to use Github there will be a thread soon made specifically for reporting issues related to this version of the framework.

We're also looking for those willing to contribute to our documentation.

(Please be aware, this release is not a part of the United Operations mod pack and will cause errors when trying to play on all servers except for Server 4.)

Please check the release page on Github if you're interested in building the framework yourself.

Thanks, the UO Framework Team.

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Hey everyone!

I'm the documentation lead on the United Operations Framework.

If you have any questions related to the framework, contributing to the framework and so on: feel free to ask me!

I'll respond as quickly as I can.



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Quick update on the framework, 1.0.4 was recently released into the official modpack!

The UOF team is looking for feedback and assistance in writing documentation for the framework so please let me know if you're interested.

The docs are available here: https://unitedoperations.github.io/UnitedOperationsFramework/

Please keep in mind the docs are are WIP so some modules may not be be fully or even partially documented.

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