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Map markings - Handbook

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Title: Map markings 

Publisher: Combat Communication Information Systems School

Version: 01

Latest Revision: March 2017

Formal purpose: To provide students on various courses a pocket sized handout consisting of 14 pages that will aid in low level map marking.

Arma's purpose: To provide players and mission makers with a detailed and well laid out handbook that will possibly aid to creating well detailed and realistic map markers for briefs and mission making.


After chatting with a few people who were interested and also an enjoyment of sharing stuff like so to the community; I've scanned off my handbook and I present it to you in a .PDF format.

Any question or requests for further material related to any topic that you may wish to know more on please feel free to ask. If classification is ok then I'll share. 


Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vmc8ehvnjp0e11c/Map Markings.pdf?dl=0 (2.01MB)

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1 hour ago, James said:

Thanks for sharing, Pub.

If, for whatever reason people want a more detailed handbook on NATO Symbology, here's a link to the APP-6(C) guide. 

It goes over and explains a lot of the symbols used. A lot aren't really applicable to ArmA, so bear that in mind.


Yes this is correct. I was going to share this but like 95%+ is not used in Arma.
I believe the handbook fits right into that nice little sweet spot of what works and doesn't work in Arma! But none the less 😀

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Once the Wiki is back up and the articles are transfered, it would be nice if you could check the existing article I made for failures and add whatever I might have missed (I only did the very, very most basic things, so there is likely a lot missing that could be used in arma).

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I did suggest to Blue on Discord in the #public_requests channel that once the wiki is back up and running that a section under Arma 3 be created called "Resources" in which stuff like this can be archived. 
I imagine it would go something like so:

1. Post on the forums your suggested content.

2. Make a statement as to why it should be added, what it consists of, how it will actually benefit people, and where it came from.

3. Once proved to be a good, solid piece of completed content that can aid people, have it added to said area on the wiki.

In all honesty I'd love to tidy up the wiki. Since joining the community I've always wanted to fix all the broken stuff on it, add content, put things where they should be and so on... But sadly I don't have permission as I'm not a regular. So even if I wanted to edit your artical Pax, I couldn't 🤨

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