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Steel Beast Session #2 - UO & Kanium [2019-03-03] 1900Z

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We will be playing with Kanium, Steel Beats on their servers.

WHEN: [2019-03-03] 1900Z

WHERE: Kanium Steel Beast Server / Kanium Teamspeak Server
( Server Information will be given on Event Day)



  • 1800Z - 1820Z | Group up on United Operations Teamspeak Server
  • 1821Z - 1830Z | Moving to Kanium Teamspeak
  • 1830Z - 1855Z | Setting up Teamspeak whisper lists and connecting to Steel Beast Server
  • 1900Z | Event Start 

To sign up, RSVP on the Calendar & comment on the post below with this format:
 [Forum Name/Interested Role(See Role List)]

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[James/C13 Gunner]

Also signing up:

[John Gamer/C13 Commander]

[WA Lancer/C14 Commander]

[j0zh94/C14 Gunner]



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Guest gibsonm


In line with discussions last week, happy to provide spt / mentoring for those interested in playing prior to next week's event which I suspect will be 1900 GMT on Sunday 10 MAR (I can attend as I have the Monday off).

If there is interest, please let me know and I'll publish a list of GMT timings that I can make.

I'd also like to use this membership as a conduit to provide information on BG ANZAC's Rolling Thunder (open to all) event later this year as I suspect that most of you are not frequent visitors to the Steel Beasts Forum.

Apologies if this should have been posted elsewhere, but I couldn't see a Steel Beasts section on the Forum (if it needs to be relocated, please do so or tell me where its meant to go).

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