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Arma 3 - Recce Challenge Event [2019-03-01] 2000Z

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The Special Forces Association (SFA), are hosting an Arma Challenge series with missions based on actual operations. SFA has invited us to compete in the challenge. The winning team will receive prizes for each member as well as a commentary video by an actual Special Forces Operator who participated in the mission. 

WHEN: [2019 - 03 - 01] 2000Z

WHERE: Recee Server ( Server Information will be given on Event Day) (UO Teamspeak will be used)


To sign up please reply in the thread in this format: [Forum Name/ (Yes/No) for Leadership]

Please note this event is limited to 12 slots and 1 spectator to record. (We can enroll another team)


  • 1830Z - 1845Z | Group up on United Operations Teamspeak Server
  • 1900Z | Event Start 


  1. WA Lancer (CO)
  2. Hittheman
  3. HontherPonther
  4. SovietPolarBear
  5. TheLocalPub
  6. SyntaxError
  7. flyingspaghettimonster
  8. kail
  9. JT 
  10. Blue
  11. Headshot
  12. GrimReaper

W-Cepehi (Reserves)

Whale (Reserves)

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I'm going to have to back out of this. I'll probably not arrive home from work in time for the event. Put me in reserves or something.

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