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Arma 3 - Operation Wet Boots [2019-02-23] 1700Z

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United Operations will be attending Operation Wet Boots, a Falklands War themed TVT hosted by our friends at AFI. Several communities are attending, and the player count is expected to be around 150 players.



1. To sign up, fill in the form here

2. Post in this thread that you have signed up

3. If you are one of the 20 people that have already signed up for this event following the discord annoucment, you do not need to do so again.

Instructions on how to download the mods for the event, and the download link can be found here.


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Please try and sort out your mods before the event.

1.Download mods

Please use AfiSync to download the mod pack

Make sure to select the correct modpack named: armafinland.fi Op. Wet Boots



2.Test your connection to the server and your modpack

Connect to the server using Afisync by clicking “Join Server” on the correct modpack.

You can select some optional mods for use!

You can test the missions on the server before the event.

Missions can be found on Stratis terrain. Mission names:

Op. Wet Boots


Make sure you have the 1.-1.0.307 TFAR teamspeak plugin installed:

Download and install correct plugin here if you have a different version!

Make sure to Install it while teamspeak3 is turned OFF and disable other plugin versions!


Teamspeak3 versions 3.2.0 - 3.2.1 have issues with TFAR. Use later or earlier versions.


3. Go visit Afi Teamspeak server and bookmark it

Server address,port,password:

Address/port: a3.armafinland.fi:2202

Password: kotka

AfiSync can handle connecting here automatically.

Teamspeak3 address:



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