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Steel Beast - UO & Kanium #1 [2019-02-24] 1900Z

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We will be playing with Kanium, Steel Beats on their servers.

WHEN: [2019-02-24] 1900Z

WHERE: Kanium Steel Beast Server / Kanium Teamspeak Server
( Server Information will be given on Event Day)



  • 1800Z - 1820Z | Group up on United Operations Teamspeak Server
  • 1821Z - 1830Z | Moving to Kanium Teamspeak
  • 1830Z - 1855Z | Setting up Teamspeak whisper lists and connecting to Steel Beast Server
  • 1900Z | Event Start 

To sign up, RSVP on the Calendar & comment on the post below with this format:
 [Forum Name/Interested Role(See Role List)]

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[W-Cephei/Any gunner]

This would be my first online gameplay, so I may fuck up something. I went through the tutorial scenarios and I know how to lase(first/last returns). I don't know if there is something else I need to know.


Also, how do I fucking sign up on the event page? I couldn't find a button to confirm.

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[HitTheMan/C13 Commander]

I can also be the C66 Commander (COY HQ) If not one else wants/takes it

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Edit: didn't see headshot going for c12

[neuro/c14 gunner] 


Can also take c14 commander in a pinch but probably best someone else with more experience takes it just to be sure

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[Scharkk/C22 Commander]

o7 Time to get the old back uniform out of the closet

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