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Forum Changes

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  • SSL - SSL is now on by default with http disallowed, all site traffic now encrypted.
  • 2FA - Two factor authentication is now supported and recommended for all users, this may be enforced at a later date.
  • GDPR - New compliant privacy policy and procedures in place.
  • reCAPCHAv3 - Sweet Sweet spam prevention.

Account Status

  • OLD Subscription/Donor Status set to expire, once your account expires from the old billing system the new billing system will need to be repurchased.
  • New Donor Member / Regular / Officer items created in the store and will have to be purchased when current status expires.


  • Regular status - regulars with expired payment can no longer vote in polls until they renew. The group "Donor Regulars" grants voting rights


  • Advertisement Removal - Now set to expire, Rolled into General Donor Status  (Reg/Officer+Member)
  • Server Fund Changes Set to Auto Expire and not Renew
  • Community Funding Donations now added as a Subscriptions (A sub Category of Store)  These have been changed to 5/10/25 rates per month.  These items are a trial run of the new subscription tier.
  • Teamspeak barracks channels - Billing cycle has been altered to a 3/6/12 month payment to minimise transaction fee losses. 12 monthly price represents the same as previous, 6/3 increased to incentive's annual renewals.
  • Improved store layout - Much easier to find your past orders, personal details ect.
  • Order tracking - Billing system should track payments going forward, should eliminate incorrectly reported donor status.


  • New user registrations - Re-enabled.
  • System emails - New user registration / user password reset emails should deliver correctly from now on.

Support system

  • New support system allowing submission of support requests added, Please note these are for billing and or account related issues on the forums. Solicitation of a technical support, community drama or religious nature will be deleted.


  • Currently a "UO" theme is being developed and is accessible via the theme selection at the bottom of the site, it very much in development and is unsupported at this time.

Mobile OS Support

  • We now support mobile browsers

Offline Services

  • Wiki - A new wiki page has been installed but lacks content currently , the old wiki has been kept and content will start to be migrated over once authentication issues are resolved.
  • UOSIM - From this point is no longer supported and will be discontinued and an undermined date in the future.
  • AAR - Has been broken for some time and remains offline, no timeline on a replacement service at present web works to be completed first.
  • Auth - Has been broken for some time and remains offline, will not be fixed in its current form, development of a replacement is ongoing.
  • FTP - Files to be migrated from old server and re published.


Please post any feedback or report issues in the feedback thread.

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