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Steel Beast Session ~ March

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Hello, I'd like to gauge the community's interest on a steel beast session in March.

If you do not own a Steel Beast copy you can buy a limited time (1 Month) license for 9.50 USD.


If you are interested, please post on this topic and if your available at 1900Z on a Sunday. 

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Same as above, dependant on the date but am interested.

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Yes, but only if we don’t play as T-72M1 vs Leopard 2A4s. 1800z would be better for me. Would be best if we could play the M1A2 killing machine or a CV90 space IFV.

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And on that note then I would respectfully and calmly submit that both Chris and I will be more than happy to help those who are not familiar with the SteelBeasts get started in a hopefully fun and enlightning way. If you want it naturally.


Right @chrisreb?

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So for those asking for a date, then we as usual have a session on Sunday at 1900 GMT, as described previously (the Sunday sessions have been at this timeslot for years, so for better or worse not likely to change).


This is the post on www.steelbeasts.com:




All callsigns are manned, but we can multicrew and a good way to start is to be a gunner for one of the experienced guys. You dont need a lot of knowledge other than doing the Tutorial, in this case for the STRV122 (as the CV90/40-B is a bit more complex). If you feel like it then please sign up, and be there a little earlier and we will sort out comms etc. Or contact me via PM in www.steelbeasts.com alternatively on the Kanium Discord. 


Alternatively then there are a number of other possibilities, questions about which I would initially respectfully refer to Bluef16 so as not to create confusion or a parallel stream of information.


Either way, then I wish you all a good day.




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