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UOAF DCS(GM) Event 21 - Sunday [2019-13-01, 2000z]

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UOAF DCS(GM) Session 21 - Sunday [2019-13-01, 2000z]







Iran has shut down the Gulf. They have mined the entrance near Oman and have destroyers on patrol. 

Patrol the Persian Gulf and perform Anti-Sea Tasking Orders from the Strike Commander(GM). Sink the Iranian SAG.




Event Checklist Items:

DCS: World installed and updated to the latest version

Persian Gulf theater used

Keybinds checked for desired module

Track IR & Oculus tested

SRS Client (v1.5.7.0) installed, tested, comms keybinds set. Installation Guide located on the wiki here.

Notetaking and/or lineup cards ready if required



DCS Modules Used



Chevy 1 - 2 x F/A-18C CAP 6xAim-120C



Enfield 1 - 4 x F/A-18C - 4xMk-20 CBU

Uzi 1 - 4 x Viggen - 2xRB-15F ASHM

Hawg 1 - 4 x A-10 - 2xAGM-65G ATGM/2xMk-84 LDGP


Force Recon

Colt 1 - 2 x Ka-50 - 12xATGM/10xRocket

Ford 1 - 2 x Gazelle - 4xATGM



Starlight 1 - 1 x Strike Commander/SAM/AAA - Combined Arms

Darkstar 1 - 1 x Air Commander/AWACS/ATC - Combined Arms

Tactical Situation:


Earlier this week we took the island of Abu Musa and staged a HAWK SAM with Helicopter support there. Intel believes the Iranians may try to retake this island, but remains committed to defending the Persian Gulf. We will destroy the Iranian Surface Action Group(SAG) operating between Tunb Kochak and Greater Tunb Islands. Destroy fast attack craft as targets of opportunity. DO NOT ENGAGE THE CHINESE DESTROYER! While the Chinese are offering support to the Iranians, we do not believe they will engage in this war.
The US Navy has offered a two ship CAP of F/A-18s, while the US Air Force offers a flight of A-10s to assist in destroying the Frigates and boats.
The Spanish Air Force has stationed a flight of F/A-18s dedicated to Air-to-Ground/SEAD.
The Sweeeedish believes their Viggens can be of great help in sinking the SAG.
Ukranian and French Helicopters have landed at Abu Musa Island. They can assist with Recon and attacking smaller ships.
The Tunb Islands are defended by SA-2/SA-15/MANPAD/AAA.
Iranian Air Forces have F-14s on patrol far north. Expect possible Mig-29/21 Scrambles.
A single SA-10 is stationed far north of the islands, do not cross into mainland Iran.
The target Destroyers are obsolete Chinese Type 052B hand-downs. These are still dangerous with SA-N-12 equipped single launcher rails, as well as 30mm CIWS. Use stand-off weapons to sink these.
The single Chinese Frigate is a modern and highly dangerous. It is equipped with HQ-16 VLS launched SAMs. These are equivalent to SA-17s. DO NOT ENGAGE THIS.
There is a chance the Iranians may attempt a landing on Abu Musa, but we have no intel to how or when. Be vigilant.




Mission Products, Information, and Assets


Game Masters(GM) have control of mission flow. They are tasked with spawning/controlling both friendly and enemy Air/AA/Ground assets. They are to increase and decrease friendly and enemy lethality values to match the number/quality of players attending. Ultimate goal of the event is to be realistic and fun yet challenging.


Package Order:


1. Chevy1 CAP (ESP)F/A-18

2. Enfield1 TASMO (US)F/A-18

3. Uzi1 TASMO (SWE)Viggen

4. Hawg1 TASMO (US)A-10

5. Colt1 ForceRecon (UKR)KA-50

6. Ford1 ForceRecon (FR)Gazelle

7. Starlight StrikeCommand (US)CENTCOM

8. Darkstar AirCommand (UAE)E-3




1. Chevy1 CAP: 128.000AM Ch1

2. Enfield1 TASMO: 129.000AM Ch2

3. Uzi1 TASMO: 130.000AM Special1

4. Hawg1 TASMO: 30.00FM

5. Colt1 Force Recon: 31.00FM Ch1

6. Ford1 Force Recon: 32.00FM Ch3


Strike(Guard): 280.000




Weather & Time


22nd September 2019



Cloud Base: 10kft, Tops 12kft. Scattered.


Winds: 6kts @ 160deg


Temperature: 26C




Minimum competencies will not be enforced for this event. Come with patience and a willingness to learn.
Simple Radio Standalone WILL be required for participation, please come with it setup and tested previously.
Start time is STRICTLY enforced, players will be expected to be in server lobby with SRS and Teamspeak enabled and functioning PRIOR TO 20:00z.



Event Created by Gusy

Edited by Gusy

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Reminder this is a 2000z event


Target is only 60nm away so the event will be quick. If you have to leave early don't be afraid to bail out.

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I'm gonna have to change mine to out. I'm completely trashed, and starting at 2100 hours is too late for me right now.

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