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I am applying for the position of Public Relations Officer.

I’ve been trying improve our community outreach for a while now. It began last year when I formed a team with some of our most prominent content producers and took an active role in directing the creation of the 2018 Community Trailer. When the community trailer was complete, I then continued to expand UO’s presence via posting the trailer on Reddit as well as establishing postings for general recruitment and events, which resulted in several new players discovering UO. Furthermore, as a regular I have had significant experience with event planning, creation, and moderation for both internal and cross community events working with existing PRO officers.
These experiences provide a strong base for being able to create events of my own design, for which I hope to expand the server population and enjoyment of the varied gameplay I have come to expect while playing at UO. Therefore, becoming a PRO would allow me to have more influence regarding our public outreach and presence to the general Arma 3 player base, and provide me a stronger basis for which I can expand and improve upon our current internal events and player count. 
United Operations needs a crucial boost in outreach which will require a collective effort from the whole community!


This poll requires a simple majority vote lasting 2 weeks, ending on 2019-01-18.

This poll was put up at Regular Request. 

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Yes. I have limited time, and the more people working on projects the better. I've worked with Blue on a couple of things in a PRO capacity and found him easy to work with as well.

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Dam, it's actually passing.


Vegas or Premier?



Premier , not that i know much about using it. 

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