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UOAF DCS (JTAC) Session 20 - Sunday [2018-12-30, 1900z]

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UOAF DCS (JTAC) Session 20 - Sunday [2018-12-30, 1900z]

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Concept of Operations:

Defend our airspace from enemy fighters and bombers, minimize losses if a at all possible.... ROE's:  Do not pursue enemy fighters north of the straight, VID or IFF+Confirmation from AWACS (Chariot 1).


Event Checklist Items:

  • DCS: World installed and updated to the latest version (v2.5.3.24436)
  • Persian Gulf theater used
  • Keybinds checked for desired module
  • Track IR & Oculus tested
  • SRS Client (v1.5.6.0) installed, tested, comms keybinds set. Installation Guide located on the wiki here.
  • Notetaking and/or lineup cards ready if required
  • UOAF DCS MODPACK Installed (See link below if not installed) --- ****NO MISSILE MOD THIS TIME ROUND****




DCS Modules Used:

Eagle 1 - F15C - 3x Fuel Tanks, 2xAIM-9M, 6x AIM-120C 
Stone 1 - CF/A-18C - 3x Fuel Tanks, 3x2 AIM-120C, 2x AIM-9X

Bug 1 - F/A-18C - 1x Fuel Tanks, 3x2AIM-120C, 2xAIM-9X

Shark 1 - Mirage-2000C - 1x Fuel Tanks, 2x530D, 2xMagic II

Tactical Situation:






Asa start to our campaigns in the Persian Gulf  this will be the first of a new series of missions in the Gulf, with us returning to Caucasus randomly.  The year is now 2007 and a war has broken out between Belka and the Republic of Emmeria (RE).  We are RE and are a heavily westernized airforce with one of the only supercarriers on the planet (cause alt history).  Our enemy is equipped with top of the line equipment J11's, AA-12 Adders, Mirage2000-5's, SU34's, and various other older aircraft. Type 54 destroyers make up the bulk of their fleet, featuring sa11 type missiles these ships are to be avoided at all costs.  Additionally there is a moderate IAD system comprising of several SA10 and SA11 batteries.  Tension drastically rose when skirmishes over drilling rights in the gulf exploded into an attack on a very valuable oil filed located West of the Straight of Hormuz


Last mission was not very successful and the enemy has secured the oil field, with their confidence boosted intelligence reports an all out attack on our IADS and oil storage facilities near Dubai International is being launched.

  • EAGLE 1 will provide CAP against modern Belkan fighters in zone Charlie
  • Bug 1 will provide CAP against modern Belkan fighters in zone Lima
  • Stone 1 will provide CAP against modern Belkan fighters in zone Romeo
  • Shark 1 will act as reserve to be put into the zone where they are needed the most


Task force Trinity has set sail immediately and will provide limited support in several F/A18's from the East



Mission Products, Information, and Assets






Strike = 243.000 MHZ AM .... Comm 1 CHL 17 for Stone 1, Shark 1, and Bug 1, set manually in F15 





-- Stone 1 comm 2 chnl 1

-- Bug 1 comm 2 chnl 2

-- Shark 1 rear radio chnl 3




Weather & Time


Cloudy, Ceiling 4.5K, Late Afternoon 16:35 Local,  ~10nm visibility, moderate winds from the NE, 25°C, 



Event Flow




  • Get everyone loaded onto the server
    • Select JTAC and GM
  • Have everyone enter the pit
    • They can start if wanted to get INS’s aligned
    • Check that SRS is working
  • Pull up the briefing page with lft-alt + b or they can reference the main post on another device
  • Brief
    • Mission Maker, if available, will give an overview of the mission concept and list of possible targets/ go over waypoints of the flights.
    • GM will state the mission intent and types of targets if Mission Maker not available.
    • Flights will then brief (quickly) and choose a loadout.
    • GM/JTAC will brief separately and choose a course of events they want to play out
    • If available/time permitting, Mission Maker should hop in and talk to GM/JTAC about mission specifics such as mission critical targets, how to hit certain targets, laser codes, No fly zones, waypoints, how to attack a target etc…
  • GM/Mission Maker will iterate comms for flights and JTAC/GM.
  • Mission will Start and GM/JTAC will handle all F10 options such as loading mission assets.





Minimum competencies will not be enforced for this event. Come with patience and a willingness to learn.
Simple Radio Standalone WILL be required for participation, please come with it setup and tested previously.
Start time is STRICTLY enforced, players will be expected to be in server lobby with SRS and Teamspeak enabled and functioning PRIOR TO 18:00z.



Meeshun JIP and is on Pohd-uh-gorsk



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