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UOAF DCS Modpack

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UOAF DCS Modpack


The UOAF DCS modpack will be maintained and distributed using this thread. The status of the mod as well as the changelog will be provided here as well. The modpack is currently curated by Nighthawk and sanctioned by the UOAF office. The UOAF modpack is a recommended, quality of life installation for all UOAF DCS events.


Download Link, Latest Version



Install Instructions:




Quick Links:


Step 1: Download OVGME here.
Step 2: Drag OvGME.exe to your desktop.

Step 3: Go to your DCS installer and make a folder called "OvGME Mods Folder" in your DCS: World root directory like so.



Step 4: Double Click the OvGME.exe on your desktop. Click the "new" button. Setup the directory references like below making sure you reference your DCS: World root folder and the "OvGME Mods Folder" you just made.


Step 5: Download the UOAF DCS Modpack above. Extract all the components somewhere and place them into your "OvGME Mods Folder like so:


Step 6: Open the OvGME window again and double click each mod component so that there is a green check next to it. If you see a green check mark to each entry, your good and have the mod installed.









UOAF DCS Modpack Changelog v1.4:


                ****Labels Mod*****
*small tweaks to visibility of markers
         **** Missile/Gun Mod V1.5.0 ****
                 *** GUNS ***
*File structure fixed to new DCS standard, will not cuase crashes anymore
**MICA Series**
*Updated Drag curves - R/T
*Updated ECCM values - T (ED values)
*Added HOJ to R (ED)
** AIM-7 Series **
*Added Proxy Fuse - M
*Updated Engine data bassed off of new data - F/M/P
** AIM-9 Series **
*Added Proxy Fuse - M/X
** AIM54 **
*Changed to 54C
*Adjusted Engine Smoke (HB)
*Adjusted Chaff Sensitivity
*Adjusted PN Coefs
*Adjusted Drag Values (CFD+HB)
*Adjusted Lift Curve (CFD+HB)
*Adjusted Loft Paramaters
*Adjusted DLZ
**AIM-120 Series**
*Adjusted Chaff Sensitivity - B/C
*Adjusted Max Alpha - B
*Adjusted Lofting Paramaters - B/C
*Added Proxy Fuse - B/C
** AA10 Series (Alamo) **
*Adjusted Seeker Head limits - A/B
*Adjusted Alpha Max - A/B
*Adjusted missile Life times - A/B
-New Lift and Drag curves coming
** AA12 (Adder) **
*Adjusted Chaff Sensitivity
-New Lift and Drag Curves Coming
** AA8B **
*Added Proxy Fuse
** S125 (SA3) **
*Added Proxy Fuse
*Fixed Tail Plume
** HAWK **
*Added Proxy Fuse
*Added Proxy Fuse



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