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Call for mission makers - WW2 and other events

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Hello, it's me again.


In just over a year we have managed 5 WW2 events here at UO, which is more in such a space of time than we have ever managed before, in both Arma 2 and 3.


However next year I'd like to increase the momentum. We've had cross community events the last couple of times, and while they are fun, and allow us to play larger missions with more numbers, I'd like to do some internal events as well.


These internal WW2 events are fairly easy to set up, except for one big hurdle, having the missions. We often go through anywhere between 6 to 12 missions per event, and we always need more. urrnetly we really lack good missions in the 20 to 70 players range.  To that end I'd request that anyone who is interested in more WW2 events and think they can make missions, look into it.


Further I'm looking into Vietnam events and campaign events. I need help with these as well, I'm only a single person and the more help the better.


In addition to the above events, if you are someone, regular or member with an idea for an event you want and you would be able to work on, please contact me, and I will be more than happy to look at assisting in getting your idea up and running.


If there is any interest in any of the above mentioned, please message me on discord where we can discuss further. If you are new to mission making that's fine. Quaility control is important to these events, but there are many tools and resources to assist people starting out, and oppotunity for even small scale missions to be used.

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