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AAR - Arma 3 - WW2 Event 6 [2018-12-15] 1700Z

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Thank you for those that came to play today. Apologies for the shortned nature of the event and some of the missions, this was due to a lesser player count than expected.


Missions played were;


IFCO31 Thunder Snow - we started off with our Foy recreation, with a hasty attack on the town. I managed to avoid doing a Lt Dike, but got killed once in the town.


IFCO29 Flak Guns - Not much to say about this one, I enjoyed moving through the various German postiosn. The little ambush at the end by the AI on us was impressive.


IFCOTVT54 Little Wawel - We changed up the first mission played due to the player count. I had fun, sadly our intial postion was untenable and we had to fall back to the castle. The castle collapsing was quite funny, but gutted the defence. However I was witness to the highlight of the mission, which was Cephi shooting down a Stuka with an anti tank rifle.


IFTVT85 Nos Amis - I was a medic for this one, but got pressed into being a rifleman at the end. The mission was quite open, but I thought there was some good movement and engagments between both sides.


IFCO88 Clash at Mount Chavue - A long mission, which I think needed more focus, but I did have fun clearing the various compounds of enemies. Despite my usual tendancy to die, I managed to survive several close calls with the enemy, mainly by having Cunnah being in front and take the bullet for me.


IFVTVT80 Hold Fast - We playd this seriously undercount, and just as a simple attack/defend. Unfortuantly the end conditons fritzed, so it ended before it could get good.


I hope everyone had fun. In the new year I'll look towards creating some new ww2 events, with some new missions that we can all enjoy.

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