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UOTC: Familiarization Course [2018-12-09] 1700z

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Course: Familiarization Course 2.0
Date: 2018-12-09
Time: 1700z
Prerequisites: Properly installed & Synchronized addons

Maximum Participants: 10 + Chief Instructor & max. 2 Assistants [/table]
What: The Familiarization Course is designed to get participants accustomed to the United Operations ArmA milsim experience. Participants will be (based on prerequisites) familiarized with the following theoretical topics: Briefings, ACE3 (including limited technical support), Situational Assessment and Awareness, the SMCSS-Principle, individual security, contact reports, combat casualty care (C3) and First Aid Procedures. At the end of the course a Basic Weapon Familiarisation will be executed consisting out of 3 live fire exercises (LFX: M320, M249, M136) providing knowledge about all three weapon systems, their ammunition and use.
Why: To ensure participants have minimum theoretical knowledge and practical experience to successfully participate on the UO Primary as a member of a Fire Team.
Where: Training Server (SRV2) & Teamspeak.
Remarks: 1) Ignoring the prerequisites or semi-passive activity can lead to instantaneous exclusion from the course by the Chief Instructor
Sign-Up: Nickname (ingame/ts) example (Lt_Foobar/LtFoobar) [/table]
Attendees (0/10):


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