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Arma 3 - WW2 Event 6 [2018-12-15] 1700Z

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Event Info:
We will again play four missions with our friends from Arma Coop Corps. This will allow us to play several larger missions as they will be bringing 20 to 30 players. Leadership will be preslotted for the four main missions, and given briefing materials to plan before the event.
Please read all the information below to ensure your mods are ready for the event and you are aware of the date/time.


Sign-up Info:
Step 1: Go HERE and fill out the form.
Step 2: Post in this thread that you've filled out the form. (This helps the PRO gauge numbers at a glance, and makes visitors to the community aware of the scale of the event as well)

Mission Info:
We will play four official missions with Arma Coop Corps.


These are in order of play;


IFCO85 - Echoes of Salerno - An American mechanised force pushes off the beach to attack German postions during the invasion of Sicily.

IFTVT85 - Hold Fast - British forces rush to reinforce a town and rescue friendly troops from a German Assualt.

IFCO88 - Clash at Mont Chauve - Canadian troops push forward in against German postions

IFTVT85 - Nos Amis - French Resistance attacks a POW camp defended by the SS


Following the main missions, if people are still up to play, we will transition to the WW2 mission list with over 40 missions!


We also have reserve missions depending on if there is overslotting from both communities. 

Expected Event Duration: 5-6+ Hours
We will AGAIN start a little earlier, because our Polish friends are joinIng us. We are aiming to begin slotting at 16:30zulu, with a 1700zulu event kickoff.


You don't have to be there for the whole event, and can join later.

Mod installation info:
Mod collection link: CLICK HERE
Please Load your mods as normal and add the mods that you subscribed to through the above mod collection, ignore dependencies.



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