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Ban - Kitafox

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Player: Kitafox

A3 PID: 01d22796ce693d3c6a8101c5820e96c3

TS3 ID: AelB+02toBR05762/HXyT4MVr5g=

Length: 24 Hours

Reason: Negligent Teamkills


Processor: SgtDeadly12



User killed teammates Traindoc, Woody, Extracrispi, and Psgchisolm. The user killed Traindoc and Extracrispi while she had radio contact with them and they were at a position that she directed them to occupy. She killed Woody and Psgchisolm while in a town with them at close range.


User has no prior bans.

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Quick clarification on my end.


This is after a couple times where I switched to Omega's short range to communicate information since my group did not have a long-range radio.


I was killed (I believe I was the second to die.) and moved to spectator. I had been hiding in a bush as contacts were far out and I was moving to avoid suppression.

Crispi, my machine gunner was just up the hill from me and was firing on enemies near the far church. He was killed either before or after me (I believe before me.)

Chisim was killed off-screen of me and I was unable to record that part of the incident.

Woody was killed in the streets, easily PIDed as friendly by anyone else.


I believe that Kita mistook the conventional fighting force we were facing for another insurgent group or the like. This is the only justifiable reason for what occurred.

Regardless the negligence as ban reason is accurate in my eyes. I will try to reduce the video down into something use-able if need be.

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In regards to this incident I'll explain my reasoning but not before I preface my point with some thoughts that come quickly to mind with the clear statement that at no point will I ever grovel so I may play a video game. This to me is at best a prime example of an abuse of power with no checks or balances. I've played with UO for over a year and have had only one other instance where I had a massive amount of friendly fire (Back when I'd just joined). I've been gone for almost six months from UO and ARMA as a whole and came back to play on the few days I had off during a long vacation. At what point is it rational to "Ban" someone because of a rare instance of a lack of judgement and for a singular game of mistakes? Does UO not abide by a system where people are allowed to make mistakes or are they now like the Soviet style of justice where one mistake costs you your life? Should someone be punished because they haven't played a game in many months and are no longer good at it? Maybe this is a reason why so many people refuse to command missions lest they be punished for punitive actions made in error. 


As to the mission it self I had a logical reason behind each and every friendly fire. In each instance I specifically inquired as the disposition of friendly forces and after several moments of silence and lack of response I engaged the targets. Many of the friendly forces were wearing a digital camouflage I remember as the enemy having as well.


The two blue on blue on hill 25 was a lack of communication. I had ordered three men to a hill and told them to hold it. One was killed in first contact with the enemy. The other two I was told had occupied a building near the hill. At no point was informed that they were retaking their old position. I had believed the enemy had flanked the two in the building and thus engaged to try and eliminate what I had perceived as a threat to my teammates lives. The other two were blatant misjudges of PID. In a mission without PID cards though I did what I though was right and will stand by my actions.


In closing I simply want to state that I'm not requesting the ban be lifted because I honestly don't give a fuck. If you want to perpetuate the culture which I've pointed to in my opening statement then by all means please do. I'm a mature individual and as such I can admit when I make a mistake. I feel that it is important though to at least give people a warning at the least. Had someone pulled me aside after and had a private word I think that would have been best. Instead I was given a hard steel boot to the ass and shown the door before I could even apologize to my teammates whom I had killed.

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Mission maker here, I just want to clarify that the Blufor commander does have both long and short range radios, as well as binoculars to aid PID. While there are no PID cards, the briefing does state that both sides do wear digi camouflage, although the insurgents only partially. The insurgents also lack any sort of helmets as well.

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*cries like a child*








Okay, to be fair, both TrainDoc and I were wearing AAF camouflage pants and we were in a general direction similar to wear incoming fire was coming from, and to my knowledge, were both out of radio contact.


I vote to reduce this to time served.

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