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Ban - Haggerty

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Player: Haggerty


TS3 ID: 0LU0I59QYuRA49T4JlzwIpgm1Gs=

Length: 15 Minute = Minor Disruptions by players that do not know any better/excited/unintentional


  • Any general behavior that can be seen as childish or immature that is repeated after warned to cease
  • Minor offenses of warning level
Processor: James


User came into channel and interrupted ongoing conversation. User was moved by Corax from channel for interrupting. User then moved Corax for moving him, when he was in the wrong. I kicked him from the server for acting immaturely, after he joined the channel again I told him to cease as he was in the wrong for interrupting. Then the user reacted aggressively and continued to disrupt conversation and moved Corax once again, leading to this ban.

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