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UOAF DCS (JTAC) Session 16 - Sunday [2018-12-2, 1800z]

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UOAF DCS (JTAC) Session 16 - Sunday [2018-12-2, 1800z]


Concept of Operations:


Test out the A4E by killing a lot of shit --- this mission is a break from our normal campaign and is not to be taken too seriously the main goal is to have fun here not necessarily to complete the mission.  Persian Gulf is being used for this mission IT IS ON SALE AS OF THE MOMENT OF THIS POST GOES LIVE.  Additionally for this mission the A4E MUST BE INSTALLED TO BE ABLE TO JOIN THE SERVER , download latest update here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sbeGMJ209PwhOIkW8tF9y0q_gvjdoOz2?usp=drive_open


Event Checklist Items:


  • DCS: World installed and updated to the latest version (v2.5.3.24436)
  • Persian Gulf theater used
  • Keybinds checked for desired module
  • Track IR & Oculus tested
  • SRS Client (v1.5.5.0) installed, tested, comms keybinds set. Installation Guide located on the wiki here.
  • Notetaking and/or lineup cards ready if required
  • UOAF DCS MODPACK Installed (See below spoiler if not installed


Quick Links:


UOAF DCS Modpack v1.2



Step 1: Download OVGME here.

Step 2: Drag OvGME.exe to your desktop.



Step 3: Go to your DCS installer and make a folder called "OvGME Mods Folder" in your DCS: World root directory like so.







Step 4: Double Click the OvGME.exe on your desktop. Click the "new" button. Setup the directory references like below making sure you reference your DCS: World root folder and the "OvGME Mods Folder" you just made.





Step 5: Download the UOAF DCS Modpack here. Extract all the components somewhere and place them into your "OvGME Mods Folder like so:





Step 6: Open the OvGME window again and double click each mod component so that there is a green check next to it. If you see a green check mark to each entry, your good and have the mod installed.





DCS Modules Used:



Sla... *cough*  MIG-21BIS - CAP/OCA


for those wondering why would ever and I mean ever consider using the slav21... well upon capturing several copies and testing them they proved to quite effective:

Tactical Situation:


You are flying for the glorious UOAF a mercenary group hired to defend the nation of Slavistan our current leader Pierre Sprey has handpicked what aircraft we will be using for this most important mission.  We are to strike the target codenamed "TACO BELL" which is currently host to several B-52's set to bomb us to oblivion.  We have brought in the UOAF and Pierre Sprey to assist us in striking the target which is well defended.  Our enemy is strong, guided by the ghost of stalin they seem unbeatable... here is some actual footage from SOCOM forces in country:


our aircraft of choice to deal with this threat, the most slav american plane the A4



Tactical Situation




Area Around Kerman




Targets on Airbase

Fifthly turkies overburdened with electronic junk aka B52's3WY88dx.jpg



For those of you who want to carry his image into combat:




Additionally considering SAM's in the area do like the S*'s do and fly low



A-4E - 


Viper 1&2 DEAD: 1x300gall centerline, 2xAGM-45, 2x LAU3 MK5 HEAT Rocket Pods

Turkey 1 Strike/OCA: 1x150gall centerline, 2xMk-84, 2x MK71 Zuni Rocket Pods


Slav-21 - 1x 800L Fuel Tanks, 4x R60M, 2x BetAb-500ShP (Russian Blu-107's)



Mission Products, Information, and Assets


Package Strike Freq: 243.00 UHF

Interflight: Well each plane only has one radio... so you either have to flip between interflight or stay on package



E-2D Sentry - Junk 1

F-14A * 2 - HAVCAP - Cat 1

KC-130 - Texaco 1/2



Download your lineup cards for printing or editing here




Viper 1&2





Turkey 1

















Weather & Time


Few and Scattered - 16k ft base - 6kts from the SE - Late Afternoon - ~3hrs from sunset


Event Flow


  1. Get everyone loaded onto the server
    1. Select JTAC and GM
  2. Have everyone enter the pit
    1. They can start if wanted to get INS’s aligned
    2. Check that SRS is working
  3. Pull up the briefing page with lft-alt + b or they can reference the main post on another device
  4. Brief
    1. Mission Maker, if available, will give an overview of the mission concept and list of possible targets/ go over waypoints of the flights.
    2. GM will state the mission intent and types of targets if Mission Maker not available.
    3. Flights will then brief (quickly) and choose a loadout.
    4. GM/JTAC will brief separately and choose a course of events they want to play out
      1. If available/time permitting, Mission Maker should hop in and talk to GM/JTAC about mission specifics such as mission critical targets, how to hit certain targets, laser codes, No fly zones, waypoints, how to attack a target etc…
    5. GM/Mission Maker will iterate comms for flights and JTAC/GM.
    6. Mission will Start and GM/JTAC will handle all F10 options such as loading mission assets.





Minimum competencies will not be enforced for this event. Come with patience and a willingness to learn.
Simple Radio Standalone and UOAF DCS Modpack WILL be required for participation, please come with it setup and tested previously.
Start time is STRICTLY enforced, players will be expected to be in server lobby with SRS and Teamspeak enabled and functioning PRIOR TO 18:00z.



Meeshun JIP and is on Pohd-uh-gorsk



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