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Redd'n'Tank Addon Addition

Add Redd'n'Tank to the modpack  

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I would like to add Redd'n'Tank vehicles, a German Army vehicle mod, to UO mods for the A3 server.


It adds 5 new vehicles currently, with a 6th in the works.

They are:

  • Marder 1A5
  • TPz Fuchs 1A4
  • Mercedes G-Class "Wolf"/"G-Wagen"
  • Flakpanzer Gepard
  • Wiesel 1A2 TOW & Wiesel 1A4 Mk20
  • The 6th vehicle, that has yet to be released, is a Luchs, a German armoured wheeled recon vehicle.
The vehicles included have been used by the Bundeswehr from the 1970s/80s through to the present day, providing content which could be used for a variety of mission settings.


The mod also adds a static MILAN ATGM, useful for a variety of settings, not just relating to the Bundeswehr, but also the British Armed Forces until the mid 2000s, the French Army until very recently, Peshmerga forces in Iraqi Kurdistan, and many others.



We already have basic infantry equipment for the Bundeswehr from the Cold War to the present day, from RHS, Corax and Toadie/NIArms. This is proposing to add vehicles to supplement this gear which were used by standard line and mechanised infantry units in the German Army.


Everything is ACE and ACRE compatible. Proper German rack radios are configured for the vehicles. The 120mm Tampella mortar also uses the ACE mortar system.


The following album shows various screenshots of the content I am proposing we add.




It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND, which allows us to include it in the UO mods folder, so we can have control over updates.


Here is a link to the BI forum thread:



Link to steam workshop page:



This was previously discussed here, and because of the positive feedback I am polling for its addition. If there are any questions, it may have already been answered here:



This poll requires a 3/4 vote lasting two weeks, ending on 2018-12-06.

This poll was put up at Regular Request.

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Voting yes, all excellent additions to the modpack, and new variety is sorely needed.

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Voting Yes, Hoping this satisfies the german "PaxJarome" making his wall of texts shorter. 


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