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UOAF Session 358 (BMS 4.33 U5) Saturday [2018-11-10] 1900z

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UOAF BMS Session 358 - Saturday [2018-11-10, 1900z]


Theater: UOAF_ITO80s_v2.2.1







Package OCA 27759 Mission: Remove Abu Suwayr and Faid from play


Our forces continue to push forward in the Sanai. Enemy aircraft from Abu Suwayr and Faid are again harassing our forces during our support of ground forces. We need to remove these airbases from play. We lost some friends to fighters from these bases last time out. It's personal now.


Fury1 4ship F-16D - OCA Abu Suwayr

Lobo1 4ship F-16D - OCA Faid

Panther1 4ship F-16D - SEAD Abu Suwayr (AAA battalion w/ Fire Can)

Python1 4ship F-16C - Northern BARCAP

Serpent1 4ship F-16C - Southern BARCAP





Package Order/Communications/TACAN


1. Fury1 - Flight VHF1, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 11X/74X

2. Lobo1 - Flight VHF2, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 12X/75X

3. Panther1 - Flight VHF3, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 13X/76X

4. Python1 - Flight VHF4, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 14X/77X

5. Serpent1 - Flight VHF5, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 15X/78X



Clear Sky

Takeoff 0705 Morning



Event Checklist

Minimum Competencies


Event created by:


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