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I wish to nominate Reddish_Red for regular.


Reddish has been a member of this community since 2011. In that time he has been a frequent player, often stepping up to lead when no one else would.


I think anyone who has played with Reddish knows that he has made real efforts to improve his leadership since the Arma 2 days, and it's always a pleasure to play on the server with him.


Reddish has a single ban, from 2012, for side chat abuse, which he admitted to. http://forums.united...ish?do=findComment&comment=128807


Reddish has been a frequent and solid player for the last 7 years. He represents the kind of player we want, and I think we would benefit from giving him a vote and having him join the core of the community.

This poll requires a 2/3 vote lasting 1 week, ending on 2018/11/12.

This poll was put up at Regular Request

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If he wants to be a regular, Yes!


He is as British as baked beans in a minefield.

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