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Users Must Pass this exam to join future events.


-Force "Sandy" Majeure




















Brought to you by the education council of UOAF

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Answer Key


What is your name? - No Grade


What is your quest? - TO PUT THE PIPER ON THE COCKPIT

This is the quest of all pilots.


What is your favorite aircraft? - F16


When the velocity goes bananas, what do you do?


The Maneuverability is...


No Wing no ....


Who is the greatest fighter pilot to ever live. He can defeat anyone in simulated combat in under 40 seconds. - Read this description


Which aircraft is hopeless in modern combat? - F35, Pierre Sprey Interview


Who shoots a missile across your starboard wing? -


You just bombed Hanoi. Who would go through that again?


Fire Fire Fire on the Flight Deck. Do you... 


it was.. 


When Willem Dafoe talks to Brad Johnson about bombing Hanoi, you tell them.


Do Ruskies take a dump without a plan?

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I did the test without studying and got 25%. Can I be the president of the UOAF fanclub? 


Welcome to the super serious UOAF educational council.

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