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Ban - Nimble

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Player: Nimble

A3 PID: ab77be88feee87f10a36101aa9cb42d2

TS3 ID: gqvJOJn/32Jfy2QwLpLOuUw0tSg=

Length: 1 Month

1/3/6 Month = Major Disruptions, as above but done in an aggressive or intentional manner w/o regard to playerbase or community.

  • All Major Disruptions in an Intentional Aspect
  • Intentional Teamkilling
  • Intentional Game Disruption

Reason: On CO28 PoliceForce Rosche v1 today, Nimble OD the pilot with three sticks of morphine while in bound to a landing zone with several fireteams onboard.

Processor: James


Previous Bans:


Edited by James27
Changed ban length to reflect actions - Attempted intentional TK, intentional game disruption

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Actions reported corroborated by Woody. User also unloaded the pilot from the helicopter and attempted to stop players getting to him, leading to Soviet kicking him from the server.

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TS Ban was bypassed by user 11/20/2018

Reinforced upon notice



/Edit: And because my actions/statement are being called into question, I have added a screenshot of the TS ban record showing the previous standing ban that was bypassed today.




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