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Max (Hammer 5)

ARMA 3 - UO Invitational [2018-11-10] 1900z

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Hello UO!


The PRO will be hosting an ARMA 3 invitational event on our server. PRO personnel will be contacting other ARMA communities as well as advertising this event on /FindaUnit with the hopes of seeing some new players on the server and showing the ARMA community what UO is all about.


There will be no pre-slotting or pre-mission briefings. Instead, this event will use missions that already exist on the primary server. Our target mission mix will be 50% TVT and 50% COOP. Target mission size is 60-100 players.


Please use the sign-up form below to signal that you plan on attending.


5 W's:


WHO: All interested members of the ARMA community

WHAT: Play a mix of COOP & TVT

WHEN: [2018-11-10] 1900z

WHERE: United Operation’s Primary Server

WHY: To have fun & meet new people


Sign up Sheet:



P.S. If you are a GM and you can take a 2 hour shift on event day, please contact Max.

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