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UOAF BMS Session 355 (4.33U5) Saturday [2018-10-20] 1800Z

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UOAF BMS Session 355 - Saturday [2018-10-20, 1800z]


Theater: UOAF_ITO80s_v2.2.1





Deep Strike



Beni Suef Night Attack

Operation Pyramid Crush II was a complete success. Cairo’s IADS system was greatly diminished, allowing us to operate with impunity across most of Egypt. One last airbase remains operational: Beni Suef to the south west. We will destroy the airbase and the two F-16 squadrons operating out of it in order to complete air supremacy. Once air supremacy is in place, we will switch to battle interdiction operations in support of our offensive toward the Suez.



Threat Analysis:

  • Ground

    • Ingress

      • Two possible SA-6 vicinity of Ras Sudr. Probably inop.

      • Possible towed AAA v5 nm SE of steer 5, vicinity Zafarana Petroleum Refinery

    • Beni Suef metro area and surroundings

      • SA-3 at Wadi Abu Camp, coordinates marked

      • Hawk at Beni Suef South Camp, exact position unknown

      • Hawk at Beni Suef Army Base, exact position unknown

      • SA-2 at Beni Suef city center, coordinates marked

    • Target

      • SA-6 on top of Beni Suef airbase, exact position unknown

      • SA-3 11 nm NE of Beni Suef airbase, coordinates marked

  • Air

    • X8 f-16A-15 and x2 F-16B-15 at Beni Suef airbase



Night conditions - first flight departs at 20:09.


Same as last hop, the previous low cloud decks have cleared giving us excellent clear conditions.


Cloud base 30k, con layer at 28, winds to the north at 14 knots



  • Restricted Airspace (RAS) in effect Kom Awashim airbase and 14 miles


    • Declared bandit by AWACS

    • Raygun call returns no response

  • PID required for aim-9 weapon employment

  • Successful shack on target steerpoints will be reported on strike comm


Order of Battle:



Game plan:

At 2009 Python 1 will get airborne and lead out the package, followed by Serpent1 at 2012, Lobo1 at 2013, Panther 1 at 2014 and Fury1 at 2016.


Python1 will be the first at the push point, steer 4, at 2028, and report pushed.


At 2038 Python1 will begin an attack on targets 15-18 from steer 6, attacking from the east with the primary focus suppressing the hawk and SA-2 radars with ARMs, destroying target 15 with a GBU-15,  as well as identifying and dragging any enemy CAP into Serpent1. Serpent1 will arrive at 2041 to provide a CAP of steer 6 until targets 15-18 are destroyed or suppressed.


1 minute later at 2042 Lobo1 will arrive and provide support to Python1, with the priority being destruction of target steers 15-18. Once complete, any ordnance remaining will be used to suppress or destroy target steer points 19-20.


At 2043 Panther 1 will arrive at steer 6 then strip north-north west, destroying target steers 19 and 20 from the north east while avoiding the Hawk WEZ.


Once the air defense targets are suppressed or destroyed, Python (19k), Lobo (21k) and Panther (23k) will cap steer 7 at indicated altitude blocks, and Serpent 1 will cap steerpoint 8 if able. If unable, cap steer point 7 at 25k.


Fury1 will arrive at steer 6 at 2045 and anchor until Steers 15-20 are suppressed or destroyed. Once cleared in, Fury1 will attack Beni Suef airbase from the south east, report attacking, egress south east and report attack complete.


BDA will be followed by miller time call by the package commander, and Python1 and Serpent1 will be the last flights off target.


DEAD flights will operate as hunter killer pairs, with leads using GBU-15s (killers) and wings using AGM-45s (hunters). AGM-45 should be used for detecting and suppressing radars while the GBU-15 should be used to kill those radars.


Employment of GBU-15s at 30-35k is ideal for standoff advantage against Hawk. Jammer on is required for standoff employment.



Target list

Download this file and extract to C:\Falcon BMS 4.33 U1\Data\Add-On Israel1980s\campaign


15: 398th Air Defense Battalion Low Blow

16: 515th Air Defense Battalion Fan Song F

17: Suspected Hawk at Beni Suef Army Base Radar

18: Suspected Hawk at Beni Suef South Camp Depot

19: 349th Air Defense Battalion Low Blow

20: Suspected SA-6 at Ben Suef Airbase



U17 - Strike



  • Man in the Loop (MITL) weapon employment on target steerpoints is required for this op

    • Max effective range of GBU-15 is 20 miles

  • AGM-45 practice recommended in both WPN and HAS modes

    • Steer 17, 18 and 20 could reliably be engaged with PB mode

    • HAS should be used for pop-ups and slapshots

  • AGM-65 practice recommended, especially on popup targets or other tally situations at slant ranges of 5-15 miles

  • Brevity

    • SINGER (type/direction) RWR indication of SAM launch.

    • SAM (direction) Visual acquisition of a SAM in flight or a SAM launch, should include position.

    • MUD (type w/direction/ range if able) 1. RWR ground threat displayed with no launch indication. 2. RWR indication of surface threat in track mode.

    • SLAPSHOT (type/bearing) [A/S] Immediately employ a best available HARM against a specified threat at the specified bearing.

    • SNIPER (type, location [range, bearing]) [A/S]) Aircraft to employ a range-known HARM against a specified threat at the specified location.

    • PIGS away (location, [range,bearing]) Aircraft employed GBU-15 on target



Event Checklist

Airframe Intenvory

Minimum Competencies


Meeshun JIPand is on Poh-da-gorsk


Event created by:


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