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Brecon BattleBook 2012

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Evening folk.


Last night while playing a mission I was speaking with a user of the British dress states and during that I remembered I had been given the "Brecon BattleBook - 2012" and decided to pull it out and see if anything was listed.

During that I thought why not make it public within out community so anyone who's interested in how the British work and what considerations at a JNCO(Junior Non-commissioned officer, AKA Lance Corporal) level must be taken into account; so with that I took the time to scan each page and present it to you in a .PDF format.


This is all un-restricted documentation so it's allowed for all eyes. I'm unsure if this has been updated tho I presume it has.
Not much would have changed but most like just expanded and polished up.

This book may a wealth of knowledge for mission makers wanting more in-depth understanding of British stuff to aid in helping them plan, develop, and make missions + write an accurate brief; or you may just want some reading material.
Anyways I hope you enjoy. Any questions feel free to as away.  



PDF is attached to this post or here's a google drive link https://drive.google.com/file/d/14NWokemIdPZ2NWm4ixvUqttvcq8bU8bi/view

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That's pretty cool, thanks for sharing!

... and taking the time to scan all of it 

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