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ITC Air Systems Familiarization [2018-09-23] 2100Z

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Course: ITC Air Systems Familiarization

Date: 2018-09-23
Time: 2100z
Prerequisites: Properly installed & Synchronized addons
A basic understanding of fixed-wing flight in ArmA3
Maximum Participants: 6 [/table]
What: The ITC Air familiarization course is designed to go over all the necessary systems and controls needed to fly ITC-enabled aircraft and engage with ITC weapons
Why: To provide a overview of the mod to interested pilots and mission makers who wish to use/implement the aircraft in missions.
Where: Training Server (SRV2) & Teamspeak.
Remarks: Please see the manual https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rM0UdpxMHhDorKle0wcW6h1RX0QpeDOsnf2ArhH4lzM/edit?usp=sharing for instructions on how to set up controls.
Sign-Up: Nickname (ingame/ts) example (Lt_Foobar/LtFoobar) [/table]
Attendees (3/6):
Military Turtle

Rusty Clutch

Graham 1988

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