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Max (Hammer 5)

Arma 3 - Operation First Strike PT 1 [2018-09-15] 1700Z

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I'm very excited to announce that we will be conducting a TVT event with AFI. The event will consist of two TVT missions. AFI will be playing as a U.K. motorized infantry platoon. UO will be playing as a mechanized VDV company.



Here are the 5 W's

Who: UO & AFI Members

What: Play 2 x TVT Missions

Where: UO's Primary Server 1

When: 15 SEP 2018 at 1700z | Expected Duration 3-5 hrs

Why: To have fun


Senior leaders (platoon leader and above have been selected) are already disseminating their plans. We will be assigning Squad Leader and above prior to event day. Expect initial roster to be published this weekend (08 SEP).


Please fill-out sign-up form here:



Big thanks to the missions makers who collaborated on this mission: Starfox, AC & Blackhawk. You guys are the best.

Thank you to Starfox as well for volunteering as lead GM for the event.


Roster (updated daily)



Event Timeline & GM Support Documents





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Our sign-up numbers are right where they need to be. Thank you to everyone who has signed up.


Please show up early tomorrow. I’ll be on at 1600z creating event channels, checking people in, and reviewing mission briefing materials with my platoon.

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