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Aviation Lesson

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Hi all!

I'm finishing up my flight instructor rating and wanted to share some lessons with the community.


I can cover any one of these air exercises: 

  1. Familiarization 
  2. Aircraft Familiarization and Preparation for Flight 
  3. Ancillary Controls 
  4. Taxiing 
  5. Attitudes and Movements
  6. Straight and Level Flight
  7. Climbing 
  8. Descending 
  9. Turns 
  10. Flight For Range and Endurance
  11. Slow Flight
  12. Stalls 
  13. Spinning 
  14. Spiral Dives 
  15. Side-slipping
  16. The Circuit
  17. Illusions Created by Drift — Low Flying
  18. Precautionary Landings / Forced Landings
  19. Pilot Navigation
  20. Instrument Flying

Or any one of the ground school lessons

  1. Theory of Flight
  2. Meteorology


If there is enough interest in this I'll schedule a date :smile:

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