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Ban - Ocelot

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Player: Ocelot
A3 PID: ed7bcd5f880520bdccf06fc8fb37f6e8
TS3 ID: q0zRxZEikptYlpl8mK1KUBjJXMg=
Length: Permanent

1.1 Repeated abusive behaviour while drunk on ts

User has a history of connecting to ts drunk 


He was banned only last weekend for joining ts drunk and being abusive to people. Once again today he has connected drunk and proceeded to send abusive messages to users via text chat in relation to dissatisfaction with UO events.


Several members came to me to complain about his conduct within minuets of his connection to ts. Upon connecting to the channel he proceeded to inform me that he is a big deal who is 

"Ocelot": I am untouchable in my community so yes, I am a bit too cocky correct
"Ocelot": I am trying to find new depths to this

When I asked him to stop connecting to TS while drunk and being abusive he informed me that.

"Ocelot": Because you are nothing compared to us
"Ocelot": Our numbers are vastly bigger than yours
"Ocelot": You have no option but to negotiate

Given serial repetition of this behaviour and no indication that he intends to stop pushing as perm under 1.1


Edited by VPope

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I find this description partially inaccurate. I do admit to my bad behavior.


When discussing the event, I expressed my dissatisfaction to our previous event as stated. But this happened over private messages.

What is pasted is also somewhat out of context.


I did not discuss what has been pasted here generally on anywhere other than private messages on teamspeak while discussing our events.


It should be remembered that I specifically expressed that this should not be discussed on voice on teamspeak because no one wanted to hear this.


This was challenged to me as it was specifically said that I must discuss this over voice on the channel with about 10~ people.


I feel this turned into aggression towards me after I said that this is not something that I want to bother people with.


I apologize for my bad drunken behavior which I admit has been abusive over the past few times. It is a behavior which I must correct. But this is not fair as it is.


This will be a divide between our communities. One that has been voiced over, and over again. One that is well deserved, well developed.

This has not been discussed to a level of satisfaction on either part. So it is time to part our ways.

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From my perspective the description of the situation behind your ban is very accurate.

You joined the channel to proceed to complain to me, in direct messages, essentially shit talking UO. You were arrogant in suggesting problem with the Finnish event was purely us and nothing else. The insistence of that personally made me annoyed, even more so that you were doing it to me personally instead of everyone else.

I mistakenly told you, "You're preaching to the choir," in voice chat rather then continuing a DM conversation with you. I mistakenly thought that idiom roughly meant, 'You're talking to the wrong guy, man.'

You responded in anger to me because I dared to say something related to our DM publicly, and you told me to "Shut the fuck up," because I was allegedly talking over someone. Which I wasn't.

Consistent to what VPope posted in this thread, you proceeded to insult me by saying, "What the fuck were you thinking?" followed by a, "Do you even know who you are talking to?"

Annoyed, I told you "No," and that, "I don't care."

That's when I closed the conversation and called you out for being sordid.

I told you if you were going to talk shit, do it to everyone publicly, if not, then stop talking.


Now about your excuse.

No, you did not express wishes of privacy before the discussion itself. Even if you did, I would personally feel that I am not morally obligated to abide by that.

Why? Because the notion of shit talking a community to someone behind everyone else's back, which that someone is apart of, saying, "You're the problem," to that community that has done nothing but collaborate with your own in good faith IN THEIR TEAMSPEAK is MORALLY REPREHENSIBLE.

So, yes, no wonder people are going to be aggressive towards you.

Then you double down to make an extremely arrogant and disrespectful argument from authority to VPope.

I personally do not believe your perpetual state of drunkenness and consequently complete lack of respect and abundance of arrogance has a place here.


P.S - You're not sorry due to the fact you're basically making the same argument from authority to get unbanned.

Saying 'it's an argument' in this case wouldn't be very accurate in all fairness, because it's a sleazy ultimatum.

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Okay. Look at the ban referenced in the original post. I requested that ban. I requested it because, UO bans are a laughing matter in our community, and since many of our core members have been banned for either similar or gameplay wise before I specifically wanted to get my name on the ban list to join the club. But that was back then. That time was neither abusive or anywhere close to this. This is not repeat behavior.


Today this is me having a bad day with you making it out more than it is, and I do apologize for it for what it was. You are simply incorrect in assuming that this was anything more than just a misunderstanding after I was very strongly responded with challenges to take this whole thing to 10 other people. Yes I was in the wrong responding to those provocations. I should have restrained myself. But now your post assumes that my admission is based on argument of authority. I am personally saying I am solely responsible, and sorry for my actions.


It remains a fact that I have facilitated events between UO and AFI in their core concepts. However I did take it too far today and I wish that we would be able to do something better in the future.


Now to start off:

"From my perspective...". What. Just post the entirety of the logs, not hearsay. Nobody should care about perspective if you do not back it up.


Everything else is just circle around the same deal: yes, I did wrong. But I do see my mistakes. What else do you think a rational person can possibly do more in this situation?


I may be critical of many issues but this should not hold back the moderators of UO from seeing the bigger picture.


I have been let off with many of these mistakes before because of my position back in the day. This time was different. This is the first time someone tells me on UO to get my shit together. And I see it much more clearly now.


I have no specific restrain in what I speak when there is a moderator around. I feel freedom to speak my mind is needed. But a lifetime ban instead of a cool down for a week for being drunk? Come on. You ought to know better.


I know where this is going. This is an attack to completely remove me based on a less than handful of incidents. That nobody remembers. Nobody seems to remember the good times we had in discussions, the potential we had discussed. The details. Your post just assumes I'm a full on ass which is not correct. This turns to a needless debate about my value.


My entire behavior on UO while on this state has been a try to improve your attitudes. That may have been arrogant and I shall take it back. Your community is yours and I won't bother with it any longer.

And that is for the benefit for both of us.


But I do not deserve a permanent ban specifically because this is literally the first time of me being called out on my shit. You are throwing away something more than just a drunken angry finn that complains about our events.

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You have historically turned up drunk, belligerent and hostile on our TS3.

You have been previously banned multiple times for this drunken behaviour and outside of these alcoholic crusades, to UO to preach "improvements", you are entirely absent. 

Your justification to unban you is that if we don't our relationship with AFI will die because you own the community. If our only connection to them is you then so be it, but we did not use you to orchestrate the last event.

If you wish to attempt to threaten us with exclusion from future events then this ban is even more justified.

No amount of events will justify allowing you to continue to harras and attack our community members. 

I hope you resolve your alcoholism before it consumes you. 

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I see. Those are some pretty good comments about this situation and I appreciate your honesty.


It does seem like I have done nothing lately but to do this kind of behavior when drinking because I somehow find it amusing to do when indulging. I don't know why, but it just means alcohol isn't for me.

My reluctance to admit this is because I just don't understand it myself nor do I have all the bits of information afterward until now.


I'm fine with the way you'll handle this but being actually in a sober state for the first time seeing the damage done has made me see this in a new way.


Maybe after a long time I'll try for another chance but as far as I'm concerned, this might as well be well deserved on my part.

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