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Add VPope to WSO  

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  1. 1. Add VPope to WSO

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Hi VPope here, Member since 2013 no bans or disciplinary records, to this day no internal review thread. I have been working as a GSO since August 2016 primarily fulfilling my task of increasing the dev:bus ratio. As of late I have been crossing over into more service related maintenance with such memorable titles as "The discord bot that keeps on giving", "The great TSPermperge of 2017" and the most recent release "The TS Server strikes back" With the intent of producing some more blockbuster titles such as "Fankenstein's Auth" and "The Day the Server sudo rm -rf /"


In all seriousness I have been working on more service delivery stuff with is technically the WSO's remit and as i intend to continue to do so and raise the dev:bus ratio up to 1 it would be best for me to be in the office proper. Along with enabling me to address many more issues that i currently do not have the necessary access to do.

This poll requires a simple majorty vote lasting 2 weeks, ending on 2018-08-28.

This poll was put up at Regular Request.

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Yes. Pope is a shoe-in and his charisma might help some more web-dev inclined fools webshits developers bear the cross that is UO's Forum software.

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I hope the powergrab will pay off. Voting yes if you promise to run for PRO aswell.

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