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Tactical Thursdays

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Looking to gauge interest in a Thursday evening 2030Z - 2300Z play sessions at the squad/platoon level focusing on small unit tactics and a deliberate approach to mission planning and execution. Willing to run sessions to spin people up on everything from basic skills thru squad/platoon leadership.


Have spoken with a mission maker about getting some new content directed towards this type of event, looking like we could throw in a new mission roughly weekly.


Make ArmA Great Again?

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I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend, but  This sounds like a great idea. We need to teach more leadership skills and a session like this could be very useful.


Edit: Jumped the gun and didn't read the post in its entirety, missing that you intend to keep this going. I'll try to make some if you keep this going in the longer term.

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Absolutely, providing i'm off work and Ranger One and Warrior One are callsigns for 1 and 2 sections respectively. Would recommend limited to no vehicle usage as well if at all possible, really adds to immersion. Count me in!



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Interesting idea. Would definitely be cool if you were able to include practical lessons like CQC, fireteam operation, or that thing where the trainer randomly selects people to "die" to force the team to re-organize and take up leadership while he critiques them. Since we'd be short on time, I'd guess it'd be more like "set-piece" missions than sprawling WACs and have a dedicated purpose to the mission.


I'm thinking of missions similar to CO13_ImTheCaptainNow_V3.MCN_Aliabad where you have multiple insertion methods (or from the water which we hardly ever do) to rescue hostages on a boat or similar to TVT28_CS_Cartel_Office_v2.Tanoa where you've got a hostage situation and need to clear a building in an urban environment.


Are you focusing on a learning aspect for the event, or more on interesting mission design to sharpen our skills at team mechanics, or just having fun shooting baddies with an organized group of individuals? Do you think you'll make use of "Zeus" stuff to make the missions more streamlined and coordinated (plus quicker to design for weekly events)?

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So intent is to build fundamentals of fireteam operations by providing a game environment that is more conducive to that style of gameplay, eg - every soldier has a map and compass, mission terrain selected to facilitate individual/team/squad movement and manuver, taking the time to route plan, deliberate planning process, emphasis on rates of fire and deliberate maneuver.


Tin - Odds are we can swing it a little later, depending on server population. Trying to keep from conflicting with main server play times to avoid splitting population, but tentatively could run sessions with similar intent on weekends as well.

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Could we have such a thing for Europeans and eastern Zulus as well?

Or maybe just start early tongue.png?

It’s is when it is because that’s when he’ll be on. That’s the same as me asking for it to be a little more Pacific Coast friendly. I am not that selfish.


If you wish to play earlier get on and play I am sure he’ll appreciate that the server is being populated for him so when he gets on it’s a decent crowd.

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Damn, 2030Z - 2300Z is basically 2200GMT+2 -> 0100GMT+2


I sadly cannot participate, work at 0530Z / 0730GMT+2 

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I got some videos of today.  They mostly consist of me bleeding out and in pain, but the last mission came through pretty good.


Depending on how lazy I feel, I might edit it down and post it.


Either way, thanks for setting this up.  Good times all around.

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