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ArmA 3 - OP Malden 2035 Event [2018-08-18] 1700Z

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United Operations is participating in an invitational with several other communities.

The event is being hosted by our friends at ArmA Finland!

You're gonna wanna get in on this one folks!

Event complete, AAR thread HERE

Click here to view the article

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Event Info:

This event will be using a custom modpack provided by AFI including TFAR. This event will be on the AFI servers.


Mod installation info:

This event is using a custom modpack installed via AFI's program "AFIsync".





1. Download the latest version of AFIsync HERE.

2. Extract zip file and run AFISync.exe (run as administrator if it's being difficult, 90% of troubleshooting, seriously)

3. Click the word "settings" along the right side of the window, confirm AFIsync is pointing at your Arma 3 and TS3 installation folders. It should do this automatically.

4. Look at this picture, follow the instructions:




5. Go to your arma 3/@afi_tfr/teamspeak folder, Look at this picture, follow instructions:




6. DISABLE ACRE. Activate the Task Force Radio Plugin in TS.

7. In AFIsync click "Start game" next to the modpack. If confused, look at picture, follow instructions:




Possibly on event day you'll be able to click "join server". But this will get you your mods. If you have any questions, I'll be around early on event day.






Sign-up Info:


Step 1: Go HERE and fill out the form.

Step 2: In this thread, post that you've filled out the form.


Mission Info:



1st mission details (A&D):

Airborne assault on two harbours. Defenders start out with a small unit at the AO and will be reinforced later by a QRF. Attackers assault form the south or/and east. Defenders QRF approaches from the North.


2nd mission details (A&D):

Mechanized assault on Malden airfield in North East. Defenders has an FOB and a Main AO, both must be defended throughout the mission. The defending force has laid substantial minefields in the AO to protect its flanks. The attacker force is split into Main- and Recon elements and is attacking from the South.



Current event player Layout (WIP, also not a UO owned document): HERE




Expected Event Duration: 2-5 hours

Please plan accordingly.



See you on the battlefield.

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Filled. This sounds like a great event. Has the PRO thought about using Yoma or PlayWithSix for file size management? It really helps by mandating that you are running as administrator. If you're on a ledge about it let me know.




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3.5 - Catchphrases, Memes, Image Macros and Internet Speak/Slang.

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Will there be a roster created showing our individual assigned slots before the event?

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Have a high ping but would like to join :smile:


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