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[UNOFFICIAL][8-1-2018 0200Z] Mortar Equipment, Organization, and Procedure Familiarization

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This was originally posted in the UOTC subforum since I'm an idiot


Who: Anyone


What: Mortar Equipment, Organization, and Procedure Familiarization


When: August 1th, 2018 at 0200Z


Where: Svr 2


Why: To equip leaders, mission makers, and players unfamiliar to mortars with the knowledge necessary to properly set up and utilize mortars in tactical play.


Session will consist of three parts: Introduction to all mortars and mortar equipment in the modpack, discussion and practical instruction of organization, loadout, movement, setup, and mission balancing of mortar systems at platoon and company level, and a practical of mortar fire from the gunner's point of view.


Note: if you would like to attend this course and cannot due to the very American time - send me a pm with a time that would work better for you and I will attempt to organize another session in European time with enough interest.

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thank you for taking the time out and taking us through this course. It was very informative and i got to interface with equipment i had never even used before in arma 3. I highly encourage the UOTC Office to hold more courses like these, even if unofficial. I believe it would be to the utmost benefit to the members of UO who are not completely familiar with skills outside the boring monthly famil course.


ps hold more things like this and ill actually show up

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