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2018 Community Survey

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In the interest of better directing PRO efforts, I've devised a couple of surveys to gather some data about the demographics of the UP community.


The first is aimed at Arma players, and is designed to gather information on people's availability for Arma events.




The second is aimed at newer players from both sides of the community, who have joined in the last couple of years, but it is open to all, asking how you first found out about UO.




Using this data, we should be able to better direct where we advertise the community, and have some idea what might be effective.

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I'm going to keep the surveys going for the rest of the week, then I'm going to post the results publicly, along with my analysis of the data, and actions I plan to take as a result of it.

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I'm busy with family shit tonight and tomorrow, but expect survey results posted Sunday.

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Right, as promised the results. Thank you to the 60 something indivduals who have responded to each.


First here are the spreadsheets with some raw data.


This one is the time survey. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Sv7vHRj3G_AgS0biyPJk1movvgyGMVNqeYlhXiJWriQ/edit?usp=sharing


This is the PR survey. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1F6KKqDVkxOhpYAzU3hm9LdT2sIleIsQ9i4QqZqCAGHs/edit?usp=sharing


Going into some more detail with these, first with the timezone survey.


As we can see below, we have a good mixture of people from different time zones, both NA and EU. It's easier to look at the raw data on the spreadsheet, but the chart below gives you some visualisation.





When we look at the timezones, it is clear that the early evening Zulu times remain the best times to start an event, as the overwhelming majority of people can make it. It does not appear sustainable to try and have an event during the morning Zulu time, as not enough members of the community are available.




When it comes to days people can attend, unsurprisingly the weekend dominates. However the number of people that say they can attend a Sunday event is surprisingly high, and it may be worth considering events that day, as it gives us another day of high activity on a day that has traditionally been pretty quite recently.

On to the PR survey results.

Firstly we see how long the respondents have been a member of the community. It is clear that many people have a lot of loyalty to UO, and there is a lot of longevity in community members, however it is also very clear from the results that we really need to start attracting new blood, as the overwhelming majority of the community have been here for more than 2 years.

The graph below doesn't come out that well as an image. If you want details the best best is to look at the raw data on the spreadsheet, however, to try and highlight the main responses, we have "player youtube gameplay" at 41%, "word of mouth" at 37.7%, and "official UO youtube channel gameplay" at 16.4%. The remaining respones are a mixture of things you can look at on the spreadsheet.


I think the above graph needs to be taken in the context that 75% of respondents have been with the community for over 2 years. While it is clear that youtube has been big in the past, that shouldn't stop us from trying other methods. Having said that I think it emphasises that good gameplay footage really can put a community out there. I would encourage anyone who takes footage of our gameplay to continue to do so, and to also post it on https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/. This should hopefully widen our audience and raise UO's profile within the wider Arma community.


I'm also going to talk to Impulse about the official UO youtube channel, and see if we can get more activity there.


Another thing I'm looking at is regular posting on r/findaunit. Reddit is not something that is highlighted on the survey as something that has lead to much return in the past, however I think we need to start looking at new ideas. Regular posting on findaunit by the PR team is something we can do for outreach for relatively little work.


The surveys will stay up for the moment, and I'll monitor them from time to time. hopefully I can get some more data from new communities as they join. In the meantime I welcome discussion around the results of this.

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Can you explain your first pie chart, it has times zones -11 to -4 listed.  What other time zones responded and in what quantity?

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Can you explain your first pie chart, it has times zones -11 to -4 listed.  What other time zones responded and in what quantity?


Apologies for the late response. As mentioned in the post, that pie chart doesn't display well because of the range of responses. The best bet for this data is to look at the spreadsheet; https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Sv7vHRj3G_AgS0biyPJk1movvgyGMVNqeYlhXiJWriQ/edit?usp=sharing


This is ordered in timezones people live in, so you can easily see how many responded from each timezone.

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