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UOAF DCS Session 4 (DCS 2.5.2) Sunday [2018-06-24] 1500Z

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UOAF DCS Session 4 - Sunday [2018-06-24, 1500z]


Theater: Caucasus




Precision Strike


Mission: Destroy grounded air assets at Sukhumi-Babushara airfield.


June 1st, 1992 - 06:30 local. With the successful rescue of our pilot in eastern Georgia, and the surprise aggression by Russian MiG-23s, it has been a tense week of deescalation on both sides. Russia's claims of western aggression in the region have forced the US to task its Mediterranean Carrier Strike Group and Amphibious Assault Group with entering the Black Sea -- the task force's primary goal the bolstering of defenses and the support of Georgian fighting in Abkhazia.


With the naval group en route, the decision has been made to suppress Abkhazian aircraft by any means necessary in order to ensure the safety of that fleet.






Colt1, Dodge1, Enfield1, and Ford1 will strike Sukhumi-Babushara airbase with the intent to destroy infrastructure, grounded aircraft, and base facilities. Colt1 will destroy the base ammo and fuel dumps, as well as ATMZ-5 fuel trucks parked nearby. Dodge1 will destroy parked L39-ZA and Su-25 aircraft along the ramp. Enfield1 will destroy the base helicopter and motor pools. Ford1 will provide patchwork strike support and eliminate targets of opportunity along the taxiway.


Pontiac1 will provide DEAD for the package, destroying key AAA sites along the airbase runway as well as primary radar installations and support material.


Uzi1 will escort the package into Abkhazian airspace, eliminate threat aircraft inside the AO, and intercept scrambling aircraft out of Sukhumi.





It is higher's hope that Georgia is able to recapture this airfield in the coming days, so the primary runway must NOT be destroyed by any flight. Taxiways and service routes are not primary targets but their destruction is less of a concern.

Russian aircraft are ONLY to be fired upon if they conduct hostile actions against US or Georgian aircraft, or if they trespass Georgian airspace. We will not tolerate further border trespass by our neighbors to the north.

Hostile actions against any aircraft must be supported by visual ID and/or human AWACS declaration.





ZU-23 AAA / MANPADS within Abkhazia

ABK L-39ZA light attack aircraft out of Sukhumi-Babushara

ABK Su-25 attack aircraft out of Sukhumi-Babushara

RU MiG-23 patrol the Russian borde 



Package Order/Weapons/Communications


1. Colt1 - 4-ship F/A-18A

Flight comms: COM2 Ch.1/123.100mHz-AM

TACAN: 11X/74Y/74X/11Y

Loadout: 4x Mk84, 2x AIM-9M, 2x AIM-7M


2. Dodge1 - 4-ship F/A-18A

Flight comms: COM2 Ch.2/123.200mHz-AM

TACAN: 12X/75Y/75X/12Y

Loadout: 4x Mk84, 2x AIM-9M, 2x AIM-7M


3. Enfield1 - 4-ship F/A-18A

Flight comms: COM2 Ch.3/123.300mHz-AM

TACAN: 13X/76Y/76X/13Y

Loadout: 4x Mk84, 2x AIM-9M, 2x AIM-7M


4. Ford1 - 4-ship F/A-18A

Flight comms: COM2 Ch.4/123.400mHz-AM

TACAN: 14X/77Y/77X/14Y

Loadout: 4x Mk84, 2x AIM-9M, 2x AIM-7M


5. Pontiac1 - 4-ship F/A-18A

Flight comms: COM2 Ch.5/123.500mHz-AM

TACAN: 15X/78Y/78X/15Y

Loadout: 8x Mk83, 2x AIM-9M, 2x AIM-7M


6. Uzi1 - 4-ship F/A-18A

Flight comms: COM2 Ch.6/123.600mHz-AM

TACAN: 16X/79Y/79X/16Y

Loadout: 6x AIM-9M, 4x AIM-7M


Darkstar - E2-D AWACS - COM1 Ch.17/251.000mHz-AM

Package - COM1 Ch.17/251.000mHz-AM




Heavy clouds, 10,000ft cloud base

06:30h local, after sunrise



Minimum competencies will not be enforced for this event. Come with patience and willing to learn.

Simple Radio Standalone WILL be required for participation, please come with it setup and tested previously.

Start time is STRICTLY enforced, players will be expected to be in server lobby with SRS and Teamspeak enabled and functioning PRIOR TO 15:00z.

Reply "IN" to reserve your slot according to seniority. Reserved slots will be filled as per SOPs.

24 slots total.

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Dodge lead. Request Scandinavian (HVAD HALVEDE/ I HALVETE) crew (Skyenet, Cruiser, VKing).



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