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M16A1 and a Number of RHS Retextures

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I no longer have time to continue working on Arma content, so I'm handing out the stuff I've been working on for arma in the hopes one of you can get it into the game.


I have an M16A1 and I managed to get it in-game but it still needs some work. There's some texture work it needs and modifications to the model.cfg.


I also got permission from wsxcgy to edit his mod and remove the SAF dependency, I removed everything and all the content is in-game working just fine, all it needs is some bug testing.



If anyone would like to take up the mantle, here's a link


M16A1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NcO4aYb_4mIqjPjr8LYy7pTso8ReKy8V

RHS Retextures: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZULukHqtOYlAt7fJihlmDU3F9bvRI61x

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wsxcgy updated the retexture mod, new and reworked content, might be worth looking at editing this version.




  • Improved addon configuration
  • Reformatting of PASGT and BDU items
  • New "Rhino" variants of select PASGTs
  • New PASGT inheritance
  • Remade Belgian PASGT helmets
  • Remade French PASGT helmets
  • Reworked US PASGT Helmets
  • Remade Gorka suits
  • Remade MBAV vest
  • Added Syrian Combat Vest
  • Added Syrian PASGT
  • Added Syrian BDU
  • Added various Gorka suits
  • Added Russian G2 uniforms
  • Added Russian M88 uniforms
  • Added 6B23 vests
  • Added UMBTS packs
  • Added Khaki MBAV
  • Added Black MBAV
  • Added MICH helmets
  • Added Eagle A-III Packs
  • Added Crye G2 uniforms
  • Removed some ESS PASGTs
  • Removed Multicam/Khaki MBAV
  • Might have added/removed other things? idk lol



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I looked at his new stuff, its really good.  The issue that there is even more of a dependency now on RHSSAF, with lots of the new body armor variants being a retexture of RHSSAF vests and helmets. 

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I've been pushing for the addition of SAF for awhile, there are quite a few interesting uniform pieces and weapons now.  

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I've hit a brick wall with my mod.


Essentially, when I click to aim down the sights, my camera moves to look down my model. When I range up, the position of the camera moves, the second image.


Anyone have any idea what's going on, I have created the relevant memory points in object builder, including double checking everything.


I've linked a version of my config in case anyone wants to venture into helping me complete this.









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The first issue I see is that you have a comma on the last entry in these two entries.
discreteDistance[] = {100,200,300,400,450,500,550,600,};
discreteDistanceCameraPoint[] = {"eye","eye_100","eye_200","eye_300","eye_400","eye_450","eye_500","eye_550,""eye_600",};

Should be 


discreteDistance[] = {100,200,300,400,450,500,550,600};

discreteDistanceCameraPoint[] = {"eye","eye_100","eye_200","eye_300","eye_400","eye_450","eye_500","eye_550,""eye_600"};


Does it throw a config error if you remove the discreteDistanceCameraPoint entry? A lot of weapons that are not RHS do not have said entry.

Edited by Nathan

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