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UOAF DCS Session 3 (DCS 2.5.2) Sunday [2018-06-17] 1500Z

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UOAF DCS Session 003 - Sunday [2018-06-17, 1500z]

Theater: Caucasus


CAS / Strike / AFAC

June 26, 1992 - 10:45 local.

- Last mission was a failure with Owen Wilson initial presumed dead. Later that night survivors were recovered from the crash sites, Owen Wilson was not among the survivors nor among the dead…

Mission: Support friendly ground forces in advancing on target compound, destroy a South Ossetian FARP in the extreme NE of Georgia


It's been two days since the last mission, Georgian forces were able to push in and recover survivors from the crash sites. Unfortunately, Owen Wilson was not found. Later the next day CIA intelligence indicated that he was captured before the Huey's had arrived at the pickup location. He was then secreted out of South Ossetia likely with the aim of bringing him into Russia. Now a combined Georgian and Marine convoy is being rushed out of Tbilisi to move north and secure Owen. Owen is currently being held on the south side of a town called Tianeti. This should be fun as an old friend will be acting as JTAC in the convoy. The political situation with Russia continues to degrade, and as a political solution to the conflict seems increasingly unlikely we must be very careful not to continue to provoke the Russians. This situation has not been helped by the fact that the Russian pilots that have been shot down have not been recovered and are assumed KIA.


Meanwhile [REDACTED] have located a South Ossetian helicopter base in the extreme NE of Georgia. Human intelligence has indicated that the 4 MI-8's stored here are set to launch to take Owen out of Georgia and into Russian territory.... we must make sure to strike this target before this happens....


For this mission, additional assets that have been flowing into the region have been activated and we will be joined by 1*A-10A that will act as AFAC to organize the CAS and ensure a proper flow of aircraft into the target area.

Ford1 will act as escort for the strike package and perform a BARCAP running N-S East and West of the target area while the CAS is on
station. They will also be responsible for intercepting South Ossetian airborne search efforts in the region.

Dodge1 and Enfield 1 will provide CAS under the guidance of Pig 1. They will support friendly ground forces as they advance along the singular road leading to the compound in Tianeti. When attacking Dodge 1 will always come off left of the target and Enfield 1 right.

Colt 1 will strike their target near the Georgian-Russian border with the prime task of damaging/destroying the MI-8’s located on the target.


Russian aircraft are ONLY to be fired upon if they conduct hostile actions against
USMC or Georgian aircraft/Ground Forces even if they trespass Georgian airspace.

Hostile actions against any aircraft must be supported by visual ID and/or AWACS declaration.

BE TRESPASSED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Political relations with Russia are strained (to say the least) and this could lead to an active war.


ZU-23 AAA / POSSIBLE MANPADS at the FARP… Unknown AA defenses surrounding main compound
MIG-21BIS & MIG-23MLD, fielded by Russia, have been trespassing Georgian airspace over the past day.

Package Order/Weapons/Communications


1. Colt1 - 4-ship F/A-18A
Flight comms: COM2 Ch.1/123.100mHz-AM
TACAN: 11X/74Y/74X/11Y
Loadout: 4x MK-84’s, 
2x AIM-7M, 2x AIM-9M, 1x 330gal. fuel tank

2. Dodge1 - 4-ship F/A-18A
Flight comms: COM2 Ch.2/123.200mHz-AM
TACAN: 12X/75Y/75X/12Y
Loadout: 2x2 LAU-168 2.75” MK5 Hydra Rockets, 
2x AIM-7M, 2x AIM-9M, 2x 330gal. fuel tanks

3. Enfield1 - 4-ship F/A-18A
Flight comms: COM2 Ch.3/123.300mHz-AM
TACAN: 13X/76Y/76X/13Y
Loadout: 2x2 LAU-168 2.75” MK5 Hydra Rockets, 
2x AIM-7M, 2x AIM-9M, 2x 330gal. fuel tanks

4. Ford1 - 4-ship F/A-18A
Flight comms: COM2 Ch.4/123.400mHz-AM
TACAN: 14X/77Y/77X/14Y
Loadout: 2x AIM-7M, 6x AIM-9M, 2x 330gal. fuel tanks



5. Pig1 - 1 ship A-10A* (cough A-10C cough)

Flight comms: UHF: 251.000mHz-AM

Loadout: 2x AIM-9M, 2x AGM-65D, 4x LAU-168 2.75" M161 WP

Darkstar - E2-D AWACS - COM1 Ch.17/251.000mHz-AM

Package - COM1 Ch.17/251.000mHz-AM




Partially Cloudy, little wind, very light showers scattered throughout the region
10:45h local, nearing


Minimum competencies will not be enforced for this event. Come with patience and willing to learn.
Simple Radio Standalone WILL be required for participation, please come with it setup and tested previously.
Start time is STRICTLY enforced, players will be expected to be in server lobby with SRS and Teamspeak enabled and functioning PRIOR TO 15:00z.
Reply "IN" to reserve your slot according to seniority. Do not reserve particular roles beyond leadership positions.

Meeshun JIP and is on Poh-da-gorsk - Good luck out there you'll need it

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In (PIG-1 ) I only have the A10 if already booked then I cant attend :D

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It seems that my intertubes have been fixed in time, so


IN if there's still slots left (there ssshould?)

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